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About this site


When started:

The idea to develop the site was planted in my mind in the late 2009 and finally was launched in 2010. Initially it was a simple matrimonial site. Subsequently I added some features to make it more user friendly. Later, I realize to design it as responsive to make it easy accessible in all devices.

What inspires:

Web development is not my profession but hobby. It is an open secret that a large number of visitors browse web to find their life partner. Most of the matrimonial sites charge exorbitant rate to use the site. Paying such a high amount is not affordable to everyone. This inspires me to develop this site. I have the pleasure to mingle my hobby with that of social responsibility.

Why it is unique

a. User friendly interface and accessible in all devices.
b. Absolutely free matrimonial site
c. Never sell any information of the users
d. Safe and secured.
e. Never send any promotional email
f. Member can directly interact with their partner through this site.
g. Maintain privacy of the users.
h. Users can delete or edit their profiles any time.


I dedicate this site to my mom who constantly inspired me. She is no more but I feel her presence in every script of the site.

Suggestion from users :

Suggestion for improvement and for rectification of errors will be gratefully accepted.

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