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Before using GetAlifepartner you must read and agree that:

The Terms and conditions provide users with rules and guidelines about the appropriate use of this site. Having such terms and conditions help to protect both the users and the site owner. The users will be aware that there are certain terms and conditions that must be adhered to while using this site or access the information of the site. Violations of this terms and conditions could result legal action. All users are required to accept the user’s terms and conditions and confirm that they have understood and agree to abide by the rules hereunder:


The users must be 18 years of age or above. If the users are using the site on behalf of other individual or legal entity, he must be fully authorized to perform such action and he is accountable for any abuse of the site.

User policy:

The users must aware and understand that we do not promote any business or service. We just allow the users to display profile or browse the site. We also do not guarantee for authenticity of the information. You must apply your common sense and verify reasonably before taking any step. User must agree that the information which has been uploaded
a. Shall not be fraudulent or misleading.
b. Shall not pertain to illegal information.
c. Shall not be disputed, controversial or prohibited by law, rules and regulation of a country.
d. Shall not be a spam of any type directly or indirectly including chain or pyramid scheme.
e. Shall not upload any profile of others without proper authorization to do so. f. Shall not contain any obscene or pornography.
g. Shall not contain virus or malicious technology which may harm to the users or Getalifepartner.
h. Shall be published selecting right address, location, gender etc.


The users agree that
1. Any time we may remove the profile or listing without assigning any reason.
2. We reserve the right to edit the profile or listing for better performance.
3. We may down the site any time for maintenance and other issues.
4. We may refuse or reject any profile without assigning any reason.


Users agree that disclosing personal information including image at user’s own risk. He explicitly understand the possibility of misuse personal information. Getalifepartner will not be liable for any kind of untoward situation that may cause to the users for using the site. We are not in a position to edit, control profile or listing. The information on the site is provided "AS IS" We never guarantee the authenticity, accuracy of the content provided in the site. Getalifepartner shall not be liable or have any responsibility of any kind for any loss or damage that the users incur for using this site.

Modification of Terms and Conditions:

We may change /modify its terms and policy any terms and conditions and users agree with the modified/changed policy or terms.

Content of third party:

Getalifepartner may display content of other entities with link. If the users decide to visit the site of third party, they can visit it at their own risk. The sites are not under the control of Getalifepartner. Users may encounter viruses or other bad elements in the third party links. We are not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind including financially due to third party contents made available through this site.

Content right:

Users agree that content including users information, images, logos, etc. are the sole property Getalifepartner Users agree not to copy, modify or distribute the content other than user's own information. User's supplied information, images etc are always royalty free, licensed to use, reproduce, publish, translate and distribute in the site.

Laws & Jurisdiction:

If any dispute relating to the site arises shall be governed as per the laws in force in India and the court of Kolkata shall be the jurisdiction for all matters.

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